Tutoring as the Key to Educational Equity

Karly Hou (Wave Learning Festival), Audrey Wisch (Curious Cardinals), Justin Serrano (Littera Education), Carly Shuler (Hoot Reading), Krista Marks (Saga Education), Joel Hames (Paper), and Jake Bryant (McKinsey & Company) discuss Tutoring as the Key to Educational Equity at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.The shift in education brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic has also redefined tutoring. Long seen as the alternative open only to the few, tutoring holds a new place in today’s education space. Tutoring innovators today level the playing field and bring tutoring to all. This panel promises to offer a glimpse into today’s tutoring company model, as we learn about how tutoring can be used as a tool for bridging gaps and bringing equity to all students.

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