The Vital Edtech Path from B2C to B2B

DriveX Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Farrell, CoRise Executive Vice President for Enterprise Zayd Badwan, Platzi CEO Freddy Vega, Coursera Chief Operating Officer Shravan Goli, Section CEO Greg Shove, and Google Industry Director for Education John Farrar discuss the vital Edtech path from B2C to B2B at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Great education companies start with a promise: to bring new forms of learning to interested learners. And the great ones are beloved by consumers. At the same time, workplaces and schools need new ways to engage workers and students, so more and more companies are moving from B2C to B2B. But while that sentence is easy to write, evolving sales channels is challenging. In fact, it can radically shift priorities in an organization. How do the best companies grow sales channels for profitability and to ensure all learners get access to the growth they need?