The Talented Third Designing Success for Latinx Students in Public Schools

Latinx students will soon constitute a third of all public school students in the United States.  Experts will highlight programs and strategies effective at promoting the strengths and talents of this diverse student community and discuss how learning and engagement can and must be reimagined to reflect current realities and future pathways for Latinx students.  

Moderator: Anurima Bhargava, President at Anthem of Us; Fmr. Chief, Educational Opportunities Section, U.S. Dept. of Justice

Panelists/Participants: Layla Avila, CEO/Executive Director of Education Leaders of Color; Patricia Gándara, Research Professor and Co-Director, UCLA Civil Rights Project; Vanessa Aramayo, Executive Director, Alliance for A Better Community; Kim Pattillo Brownson, Vice President, First Five LA