The State of Medical EdTech

Sam Glassenberg (Level Ex), Justin Barad (Osso VR), Aimee Gardner (SurgWise Consulting | Baylor College of Medicine), Warren Wiechmann (UC Irvine), and Jeff Jones (Ascend Learning) discuss The State of Medical EdTech at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit. Over the last decade, medical education curriculum has advanced to include new methods of teaching, inclusion of more clinical experience, and a greater focus on interprofessional education. However, medical education faculty have generally been slower to adopt education technology than their counterparts in higher education more generally. The panel will debate whether this hypothesis is true, discuss examples of where medical education is now experimenting with technology, and look to the future to identify where technologies like AI/ML, simulation, gaming, and psychometrically driven assessment can play a role in the curriculum.

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