The Power Behind Systemic AI Literacy for K12, Higher Ed & Corporate Talent

Imagine a world where K12 students design creative, custom solutions to real-world problems. University students collaborate on cutting-edge projects by major. Corporate teams enhance and defend job-relevant skills. All by understanding and applying AI. You are invited to discover keen predictive insights on the future of education and workforce, along with an innovative solution that is changing the face of education and professional learning. In this must-attend event, Education & Workforce Tech Pioneer, Angelo Biasi, will share how Solvably is solving for systemic AI Literacy across all ages and levels, empowering lifelong learners with the skills they require to navigate and shape the future. With a focus on collaborative, creative problem solving, he will present a solution that fosters a deep understanding of AI principles and evidence-based applications, making AI Literacy accessible, thoughtful, and engaging for everyone. Be a part of history. Don’t miss this exclusive AIR Show keynote address.