The Investors Perspective Why Early Childhood and Why Now

Did you know that research has shown a 13% return for every dollar spent on early childhood development for at-risk students? This has led to an increase in public and private spending in early childhood education. Innovation and entrepreneurship is rapidly following suit. In this flash talk, Matt Glickman, founder of Promise Venture Studio, will examine the state of innovation in early childhood and present some of the most forward-thinking solutions, technologies and programs tackling kindergarten readiness, social emotional learning, early literacy, early math and quality childcare.

Introduction:  Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner, GSV AcceleraTE FundSpeakers: 1. Julia Stigligz, Partner, GSV AccelerateTE 2. Kris Perry, Deputy Secretary and Senior Advisor to the Governor at California Health and Human Services Agency 3. Matt Glickman, Founder, Promise Venture Studio