The Future of Content Consumption in Higher Ed "AD"

Joe Rohrlich (Top Hat), Michael Hale (VitalSource), Stephanie Soscia (Packback), Aurora Martinez Ramos (Wiley), and Mitchell Stevens (Stanford University) on The Future of Content Consumption in Higher Ed "A.D" at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Trends in Higher Ed content consumption have changed dramatically AD. As students become curators and creators of their own content, sharing it with others and consuming that of other students, content companies and educators are striving to capitalize upon these shifts. Additionally, the delivery of content and Higher Ed institutions’ ability to distribute content in innovative forms for optimum learning has never been more important. Mitchell Stevens of Stanford leads this engaging discussion of the latest trends in cutting-edge content consumption in Higher Ed, revealing the ways companies are partnering with universities to offer the most valuable and learning conducive content platforms. Hear from Top Hat, a higher education teaching app that offers solutions with one-on-one training, reliable technical support, and instructional design to help teachers deliver the perfect course. VitalSource, a recognized innovator in the digital course materials market, partners with thousands of publishers and institutions to deliver extraordinary learning experiences to millions of active users globally. Wiley develops digital education, learning, assessment, and certification solutions with online scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals, books, and other digital content built on a 200-year heritage of quality publishing. Packback facilitates “smart” discussion communities to allow professors to promote and assess critical thinking in students.