The "Exhausted Majority": Microschools and Parent Power in K-12

Odyssey CEO & Founder Joseph Connor, The Oakland REACH CEO Lakisha Young, VELA Education Fund CEO Meredith Olson, Prenda Founder & CEO Kelly Smith, Avalanche VC Managing Director Katelyn Donnelly, and Tyton Partners Managing Partner Adam Newman discuss microschools and parent power in K-12 at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

On the heels of the pandemic, parents are clamoring for greater ownership over their children’s K-12 voyage: more than 50% prefer to direct and tailor their child’s experiences and 80% believe learning can and should happen everywhere. How can we invest in a more equitable and student-centric K-12 ecosystem that gives parents the programs and tools needed to realize these aspirations? From blended learning models to micro schools and enrichment services, the field has never been as ripe for innovation as it is now.