The Evolving Adult Learning Landscape Where is Post Secondary Education Headed

This panel from across ed tech, academia, government, and the private sector will explore the future of the post-secondary education ecosystem including models, technologies, and impact.  They’ll examine how the needs of learners, employers, and civic leaders will increasingly require changes to the fabric of adult education. And, they’ll consider how this drives the evolution of the traditional higher education institution, the acceleration of self-directed learning, and the role of education companies in helping them both do so.

Moderator: Iwan Streichenberger, Managing Director of Pearson Online Services

Panelists/Participants: Peter Janzow, Vice President, Business Development for Credly; Katherine Whalen, Associate Director, Talent Management, Humana; Mark Lombardi, PhD, President, Maryville University; Curtiss Barnes, SVP of Learning Ecosystem Development, Pearson