The Emerging Teacher Side Hustle

At an average annual wage of $58K, K-12 public school teachers are earning less than they did 10 years ago after adjusting for inflation. As a result, 18% of American teachers today have a second job to make ends meet and are 5 times more likely than the average full-time worker to have a side hustle. With teachers entering the gig economy like never before, new edtech innovations are being catalyzed. This panel explores the implications of these side hustles on the broader academic and entrepreneurial K-12 communities.

Moderator: Jaime Lowe, NY Times Contributor

Panelists/Participants: Joe Holland, CEO of TeachersPayTeachers; Kevyn Klein, Head of Teacher Community,VIPKid; Amanda DoAmaral, CEO of Fiveable; Megan O’Connor, Co-Founder and CEO of Clark