The Edtech Disconnect: Vision vs Reality

The edtech space has exploded over the last two decades, and our education innovation ecosystem has been steadily maturing. And now, it is accelerating as we face the unique and rapidly evolving challenges presented by the global pandemic. But is there a disconnect between vision and reality?  How can we ensure that we are harnessing this momentum—across remote, hybrid and in-person learning experiences—to deliver meaningful outcomes for students and teachers? What resources, policies and practices are needed to truly create lasting changes that stretch beyond today’s circumstances?  We’ll share perspectives from great minds—scholars, practitioners, entrepreneurs—tackling these challenges each day in different ways and reflect together on how to connect the dots from edtech ideation to student and teacher success, regardless of learning environment.

Moderator: Matthew Mugo Fields


Thomas Mahoney

Sonja Santelises

Heidi Perry

Bart Epstein