GSV Virtual Summit Series #2 Channel 2

B.C. to A.D. – K-12 School and District Leaders On How the Coronavirus Response Will Change The Future of K-12 Learning

Moderator: Phyllis Lockett, CEO, LEAP Innovations


Susan Enfield, Superintendent, Highline Public Schools
Scott Frauenheim, CEO, Distinctive Schools
Marie Izquierdo, Chief Academic Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
David Miyashiro, Superintendent, Cajon Valley Union School District
Tom Rooney, Superintendent, Lindsay Unified School District

B.C. to A.D. – K-12 Edtech Leaders Talk The Changed Future of Edtech A.D.

Moderator: Tom Vander Ark, CEO & Partner, Getting Smart, Author, “Smart Parents” plus others
Dan Carroll, Co-Founder & CPO, Clever
Amanda DoAmaral, Founder & CEO, Fiveable
Adrian Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, Seesaw Learning
Brian Grey, CEO, Remind
Max Tuchman, Co-Founder & CEO, Caribu

GSV Virtual Summit Series #10

Our Essential Service: Driving a National Digital Skills Agenda to Ensure Access & Equity in an A.D. Workforce & Chris Hoehn-Saric with Michael Moe

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National Education Leaders & Innovators Speak to a Future Where #BlackLivesMatter

Henry Hipps is joined by Dr. Howard Fuller, Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines, Phyllis Lockett, Dr. Michael Sorrell

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GSV Virtual Summit Series #2 Channel 3

B.C. to A.D. – How Emerging Technologies (AI/ML/NLP/VR/AR etc) Are Accelerating The Future of Online Education in a Post-Coronavirus World, B.C. to A.D. – A Completely Transformational Investor Landscape – What Does A.D. Look Like?

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