The CTO Perspective: What Products are Missing in the Remote Learning Era?

The edtech landscape is crowded with a bewildering array of ever-evolving products. But where are the biggest gaps in the landscape -- areas where school districts have unmet needs, and companies in the market are failing to deliver on those demands? In this session, we'll look at how district needs have shifted, and where they have grown more urgent, as school have become dependent on remote learning during Covid-19. We’ll look at surveys taken of K-12 administrators by EdWeek Market Brief on the products they wish they were receiving from vendors. And we'll hear from school district officials about the biggest mismatches they see between the innovation and practical solutions they urgently want from edtech, and the types of products that get backed by venture capital and sold into the market.

Moderator: Sean Cavanagh


Richard Culatta

Sophia Mendoza

Victor Valdez

Keith Bockwoldt