Technology for the Next Education Workforce: Beyond the One-Teacher One-Classroom Model

Arizona State University Executor Director Brent Maddin, Mesa Public Schools Superintendent Andi Fourlis, American Federation of Teachers Director of Research, Policy, and Field Services, Educational Issues Robert Weil, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College of Arizona State University Pinnacle West Presidential Chair & Professor Ron Beghetto, Carnegie Mellon University Professor Lee Branstetter, YouWeb Incubator Founder Peter Relan, and Arizona State University Dean of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Carole Basile discuss technology for the next education workforce at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

The time has come to bring superintendents and technology companies together to explore the technology needed for team-based models. If we are going to address the needs of all learners we must move away from the one teacher one classroom model and technology needs to be a strategic part of the team. This session will be a design session for superintendents who are launching new staffing models and technology companies interested in exploring how these models could be enhanced with technological tools of various kinds.