Staying Relevant: Are you ready for the learner of the future?

There is little argument that higher education is undergoing fundamental shifts and the “learner of the future”  will be very different from the learner of the past.  This new learner brings a new set of expectations and needs, and many institutions see technology as a critical component of the solution. The challenge for institutional leaders and technology providers lies in identifying who these mission critical systems are really built for -  the faculty, the administrator or the learner?  Each of these personas has different points of view  and generational expectations for the technology they will be using.  This panel will share real world experiences as they explore the challenge of building products across the generational divide when the stakeholders are not the actual consumers of the products, and will challenge the audience to ask themselves who they are really designing their enabling technology products for.  

Moderator: Liz Dietz

Panelists/Participants: Dylan Pavelko, Michael Waddington, Aditi Aggrwal