StarTrek Opportunity Hyperloop

The recent college admissions scandal overshadows incredible progress. Education has been one of the fundamental engines for human advancement, and today there are more educational opportunities than ever before. After decades of talking about lifelong learning, we are finally delivering it to students, workers, single moms, strivers, dreamers and diverse communities in need, meeting learners where they’re at—physically, online, mobile; in four-year institutions, community colleges, at work and after work—to help get them where they want to go. But access is one thing, outcomes and opportunity are another, and the supply/demand gap between institutions and corporations, learners and quality employment is only growing. How do we as solutions providers, innovators, advocates, citizens work together to not only remove obstacles to learning and earning, but create a hyperloop of not just lifelong learning but also lifelong opportunity? Brian Napack, CEO, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.