Solving the Math Equation: Inside our K-12 Math Crisis

Zearn CEO & Co-founder Shalinee Sharma, DreamBox Learning President and CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Director of K-12 Education Bob Hughes, Schmidt Futures Vice President of Partnerships Kumar Garg, and George W. Bush Presidential Center The Ann Kimball Johnson Director of Education and Opportunity Anne Wicks on the K-12 math crisis at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

This panel will put a spotlight on the math crisis in the United States, discussing the reasons behind low math proficiency levels among American students. Panelists will explore the factors that contribute to the problem, including inadequate teacher training, lack of resources, and a lack of emphasis on math in the curriculum. They will also discuss potential solutions, such as implementing evidence-based teaching methods and increasing funding for math education.