Shifting Employability Narratives for Formerly Incarcerated Populations

The Just Trust VP of Brand and Communications Jenna LeDoux, SHRM Director of Policy and Partnership Research Kerri Nelson, Ph.D., Checkr VP Ken Oliver, Strada Collaborative President Tom Dawson, and Roadtrip Nation President & Co-Founder Mike Marriner discuss shifting employability narratives for formerly incarcerated populations at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

In 2021, career exploration nonprofit Roadtrip Nation partnered with justice reform organizations The Just Trust and Stand Together to produce “Being Free,” a documentary film centered around the stories of three formerly incarcerated adults who hit the road to explore careers after incarceration. The film was screened to HR professionals from the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) community, who then assessed the degree to which the footage could shift perceptions and belief systems regarding the employability of formerly incarcerated individuals. Come hear fascinating insights from the SHRM report, watch footage from the documentary, and learn about the steps being taken to shift these narratives on a national level.