Robots vs Recruiters AI and the Future of Talent Acquisition

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the way we live, and that includes how we’re screened and hired too. Recruiters everywhere are turning to advanced software to optimize processes and make better candidate selections, driven by data. Some of the industry’s best and brightest debate  AI’s impact on recruiters and the candidate experience. Topics include: Is AI the death of the recruiter? Can AI actually make the job search process more ‘human? Have we raised the bar to strategic thinking? Where do recruiters win?

Moderator: Brittany Skoda, VP of Investments, Workday

Panelists/Participants: Steve Goodman, CEO, Restless Bandit; Ashutosh Garg, CEO & Founder; Neil Frye, Global Head of Recruitment, HR Operations & Technology, Dropbox; Arthur Matuszewski - Head of Strategic Talent Sourcing, Wayfair