Robots as Learning Companions

Recent scientific advances have resulted in a proliferation of robotics teaching tools. With an increasing number of kids, especially those with special needs, feeling more comfortable conversing and interacting with robots, the robotics opportunity within K-12 has grown both in and out of the classroom. Meeting the child where they are at in ways traditional education has not historically been able to, robotics is ushering in a new wave of instruction. Given the nascency of this market, this panel focuses on questions regarding applications and efficacy of these offerings in education.

Moderator: John Danner, Managing Partner, Dunce Capital

Panelists/Participants: Paul Berberian, CEO, Sphero; Sharmi Albrechtsen, CEO / Co-Founder, SmartGurlz; Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO, ROYBI; Vikas Gupta, CEO, WonderWorkshop; Jasen Wang, CEO / Founder, Makeblock