Rising from the Ashes: What’s Next for Chinese EdTech

VIPKID Founder & CEO Cindy Mi, Spark Education Group Founder & CEO Mark Luo, QuantaSing Group CFO Tim Xie, and GSV Senior Advisor Joy Chen discuss what's next for Chinese EdTech at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Since 2021, regulations have put huge brakes on the education industry in China, especially on the expansion of the K-12 sector. After going through this roller coaster experience for almost two years, many education companies in China have withered away. However, some have restructured, pivoted and survived. On this panel there will be conversations about the state of the China EdTech industry, how some of the “survivors” have strategized and pivoted during the past couple of years, whether China’s education industry is ready for a fresh start, and what the future looks like.