Reviving the Global MBA

Pre-CoVid, a number of business schools were struggling. Will CoVid exacerbate the challenges? Over 30% of the incoming class at Harvard Business School, for example, chose to defer as business schools chose to go online. MBA applications had already been in decline for several years, according to Forbes experiences “double-digit declines. Last year, the top ten business schools combined saw a drop of about 3,400 M.B.A. applicants, a 5.9% falloff.” Many individuals feel that the actual and opportunity cost associated with the degree is not worth leaving the workforce for anymore, especially in light of CoVid. This discussion will explore if business schools can reverse this trend and revive or reinvent the MBA in the aftermath of CoVid.


Moderator: Doug Lederman


Betty Vandenbosch

Brooke Elliott

Sean Gallagher

Megan Adams

Tom Adams