Rethinking High Schools: Supporting Equity Through Mastery Learning Experiences

As schools and educators continue to weather the impact of COVID19, it is even more urgent that we think differently about learning experiences for students. Rather than constraining ourselves to the walls of the school building, we need to remember that learning can and does happen everywhere. We can and should harness (and authentically evaluate) a broad range of learning experiences - at home, in the community, online - that are connected to a student’s passions. In essence, create a true learning-based system.

But how can we support, guide, capture and convey the interdisciplinary, collaborative, and complex learning of students in this system? In this session, we will share an example of the journey to mastery that one MTC member high school has taken, and expand the conversation to include the broader ecosystem that is needed to sustain the change - technology tools to support mastery learning, higher ed admissions, legislation, and more.

Moderator: Stacy Caldwell


Julia Bamba

Sarah Young

Sarah Kiley

Zina Evans