Redefining Learning for an AI-Driven World: A Human Systems Approach

Human Systems radically reimagines learning for the new world in which we find ourselves. We are outlining an approach, a philosophy, and a fundamentally different way of thinking about learning. Like all innovation, there are examples and models and components of what we will do out in the world today, but we will assemble and improve them in ways that generate a genuinely new and more powerful alternative to learning wherever it happens (in K12, higher ed, the workplace, at home) and in ways that support human flourishing in an AI world at individual, community, and societal levels. That is why Human Systems exists and the need for it is urgent and profoundThe four pillars of the Human Systems approach to learning for an AI world are:Learning that fosters the individual well-being of the learner.Learning connected to learner context (community, culture, constraints, social capital…).Learning that sees the world as a network of networks, through a lens of system and design thinking.Learning that prepares learners to use AI in powerful, ethical, and positive ways.