Re-envisioning Education in Correctional Facilities

Today, 2.3 million people sit in prisons or jails. Research suggests that those who participate in well-rounded education programs are 43% less likely to commit another crime after release than those who do not. But—while people in prison have widely varying learning needs—many inmates are unable to access any education at all, and what programming does exist looks like a one-room schoolhouse. We cannot unleash the potential of incarcerated learners without scaling learning tools that are accessible, rigorous, and personalized. Join us for a conversation with Chris Wilson—the author of The Master Plan, a book about his experience being sentenced to life-in-prison at age 17 and finding his way out through education—and Harris Ferrell, the CEO of APDS, an ed-tech provider in corrections. Together we’ll explore how accessible, ethical technological innovations can bring every prisoner the educational resources necessary to live a productive life on the outside.

Panelists: Harris Ferrell, Chris Wilson