Pathways to the World of Work: Creating an Integrated Student Experience

As kids, everything we knew about the future, we learned from The Jetsons. The classic cartoon predicted things like the Apple Watch and the Roomba, but when it came to the classrooms of the future, The Jetsons’ classroom looked unfortunately similar to The Flintstones.

How are educators building the classrooms of tomorrow, today? By continually adapting pathways designed for each and every student to succeed. While a growing number of districts are embracing corporate and community partnerships to expand experiential learning opportunities, this approach is not a guaranteed recipe for success. Education systems must also foster partnerships in pedagogy to ensure students develop the skills, agency, and agility to thrive. This panel will address key issues and opportunities with applied learning - from the classroom-level up to global scale - that help students better prepare for the future world of work and to contribute to their local community.

Moderator: Stephanie Short


Melissa Agudelo

Devin Vodicka

Erin Figula

Josh Frazier-Sparks