Nobel Prize Winner Jim Heckman on the State of Innovation in Early Childhood

Did you know that research has shown a 13% return for every dollar spent on early childhood development for at-risk students? Early childhood programs have lifelong positive impacts, from school readiness to high school graduation to workforce and civic participation and even health outcomes. And advances in science, technology, policy and entrepreneurship are making this an exciting time for innovation in early childhood.

Diana Rauner, President of one of the most prominent early childhood organizations, will lead a fireside chat with Nobel Prize winning economist James Heckman on his current and future work in early childhood, and Promise Venture Studio, a non profit venture studio that attracts, supports and connects promising innovations to key stakeholders in the field, will provide participants a pulse on the latest and most exciting trends in the field today!

Moderator: Diana Rauner

Panelist: James Heckman