Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste: Transforming the K-12 System

As a system that is both massive and hyper-localized, creating change in American K-12 education can feel impossibly daunting and slow moving. And yet today due to the crisis of COVID-19, we are in a place where school cannot operate as it always has. While the default response may be to recreate as closely as possible the existing system in this distanced and remote environment, is that the best use of our energy in this moment? Or amidst the anxiety, concern, and fear, might we take the opportunity to radically transform how learning happens for America’s children? Join this conversation amongst a group of educators who were successfully pushing against system barriers before COVID, and who are leading the way now as examples for K-12 transformation.

Moderator: Tom Vander Ark


Carlos Moreno

Courtney Collins-Shapiro

Sujata Bhatt

Juan Cabrera

Pamela Cantor, M.D.