Moving “OR” toward “AND”: Breaking Down the False Dichotomy of College or Career

ASU Executive Vice President Maria Anguiano, KIPP Foundation CEO Shavar Jeffries, Google, Grow with Google Founder Lisa Gevelber, and ASU Professor of Practice & Senior Advisor to the Office of the President Ann Kirschner discuss breaking down the false dichotomy of college or career at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

As many across the U.S. continue to question the value of a college degree, a false dichotomy has emerged: a student has to choose between college or career as their next step after high school. A recent study showed that 56% of Gen Z teens believe a skills-based education makes sense in today’s world. Yet, completing a college degree still remains one of the best predictors of socioeconomic mobility. As an educational system, we have to move towards a “both/and” structure - what if students could do both – earn career credentials AND simultaneously earn a college degree. Join this discussion as our panel unpacks the false dichotomy, and share creative yet actionable ways to integrate college and career pathways.