Minnetonka’s VANTAGE Program

Minnetonka's VANTAGE Program; The Future of Integrated, Authentic, Empowered Learning is Here! In Minnetonka Public Schools (MN), the VANTAGE program offers content integration of college-level core curriculum (AP and IB) in an application-based environment where students learn project management and project workflow, solving real-world problems for authentic audiences by presenting their findings to senior executives in board rooms across the Twin Cities.  The data from our first five years is highly compelling: students achieve at or above the levels recorded in the traditional setting while also learning professional skills and developing a professional network that serves as a launch pad for college and career success. This innovative new program has inspired other districts to build similar models, and it can provide a road map for your school or district too.  Join us for this Innovation Pitch Showcase and find out how to get started!

Roger Andre, Director of VANTAGE Program, Minnetonka Public Schools; Eric Schneider, Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Minnetonka Public Schools