Maximizing Returns and Impact: Leading Impact Investors in Edtech

The Vistria Group Partner and Co-Head of Vistria PRG Jon Samuels, Reach Capital Partner James Kim, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Managing Partner for Ventures Vivian Wu, A-Street Co-Founder & Managing Director Marc Sternberg, TPG - Rise Fund Partner John Rogers, and Tyton Partners Senior Advisor Andrea Mainelli discuss leading impact investors in EdTech at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

“Impact investing” is a dirty phrase to many, seen as an excuse for lower returns, a rationale for higher fees, or a smokescreen for just another education investment firm. Yet the promise of making a measurable and systemic difference when investing in Edtech remains attractive to many, and some are being rigorous in their approach. Just some of the questions we will address: How is this done? What is necessary from LPs? How do you measure success well?