Maximizing Resources for Maximum Impact: High Dosage Tutoring in K-12 Education

Tutored by Teachers Co-founder Rahul Kalita, Carnegie Learning VP of Tutoring Services Courtney Lewis, Littera Education CEO Justin Serrano, Filo Head of Business Shashank Singhal, Move2Learn Senior Education Advisor Dr. Meisha Porter, and Hechinger Report Senior Writer and Columnist Jill Barshay discuss high dosage tutoring in K-12 education at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

High-dosage tutoring is an effective way to boost student learning and improve academic outcomes in K-12 education. This panel discussion will explore the benefits and best practices of high-dosage tutoring, including strategies for effectively delivering and assessing instruction and the latest research on its impact on student achievement. Join us to learn more about how high-dosage tutoring can support student success in your school or district.