Leveraging Education as a Tool to End Generational Poverty

Leading Educators Chief Executive Officer Chong-Hao Fu, Surge Institute Founder and Chief Executive Officer Carmita Semaan, The Center For Black Educator Development CEO Sharif El-Mekki, Campaign for our Shared Future Executive Director Heather Harding, and EdSolutions & The Center for Education Market Dynamics CEO & Founder Jeff Livingston discuss leveraging education as a tool to end generational poverty at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Last year, at the 2022 ASU-GSV Summit, a subset of this panel convened to discuss how anti-racism shows up in the work they do across sectors that support education. And in previous years, this panel has focused on how anti-racism can unfold in schools. In 2023, we are reconvening these panelists for part III: Leveraging Education as a Tool to End Generational Poverty. Panelists will move from the practice of creating anti-racist work and initiatives to share more deeply about committing to lifelong learning as a lever for eradicating generational poverty and gaining access to the future. Join this interactive panel, where participants can immediately engage in workshops that provide specific insight for entrepreneurs and K-12 professionals on how to further increase access to education.