Left Out - 44mm Adults Need Onramps to Good Jobs

Over 44 million working-class American adults with less than a two-year degree are being left behind in today’s job market. A new category of career “on-ramp” programs can help this group achieve upward mobility by increasing their skills and employability that can successfully help them transition to financially stable careers.  This group of leaders will debate how workforce innovation can transform the lives of 44 million at risk of being left behind.

Moderator: Matt Sigelman, Founder, Burning Glass

Panelists/Participants: Leah Belsky, VP Enterprise Coursera; Michelle Weise, Senior Vice President, Workforce Strategies, Strada Education Network & Chief Innovation Officer, Strada Institute for the Future of Work; Maria Flynn, CEO, JFF; Danielle Goonan, Senior Manager II, Career Opportunity, Grant Portfolios, Walmart Foundation