Leaders from Carnegie and XQ Institute on a New Architecture for High School

Carnegie and XQ have joined forces to overturn 117 years of educational tradition and design a new future of learning. The Carnegie Unit or ‘credit hour’ has been in existence since 1906 and plays an instrumental role in almost every aspect of American schooling, K-16. However, the most convincing learning science makes clear that time-bound model of schooling are woefully insufficient. They neither accelerate academic outcomes nor social and economic mobility. Together, XQ’s Russlynn Ali and Carnegie's Timothy Knowles will address the transformational changes needed in the nation's educational architecture to prepare millions more young people for career and postsecondary success. They will share their work to rethink how knowledge, skills, and dispositions are acquired and measured to provide students with richer, more engaging learning opportunities inside and outside the schoolhouse. And they will share how a growing number of partners are working to build a new educational architecture that moves competency-based learning from the edges of sector, to the center.