K12 Workshop Change Agent Leadership Shifting the Fulcrum of Transformation

The epicenter of educational transformation is at the site level. Change agent leadership is an active approach to school transformation that flattens the organization. The role of district administrators shifts to servant leaders who focus on setting the conditions for transformation. The site principal becomes the agent of change. Principals assume the role of activator of change in their school based on the unique strengths, interests, values and needs of the school community. Principals have more voice and choice to personalize their learning pathway as they develop their leadership skills and abilities. With this approach, educational transformation is more authentic and relevant to the community. Principals have a greater level of autonomy to define the why, what, and how change at their school.

Facilitators: Nicole Allard - Principal, Mission Vista High School; Krista Berntsen - Principal, Lake Elementary School; Matt Doyle - Assistant Superintendent of Innovation, Vista Unified School District; Eric Chagala - Principal, Vista Innovation and Design Academy