K12 Program What Does Real World Learning Look Like

High schools have tried to integrate authentic, real-world learning experience into their offerings for decades. But what does this look like when so much real-world work is in the process of disappearing or transforming? How can schools ensure that they are accomplishing more than preparing students for jobs that largely won’t exist, a decade from now? In this session, Andy Calkins from Next Gen Learning Challenges leads a panel of experts – a mix of employers, providers, and educators – that will dig deep into a challenge that every American high school leader should be thinking about every day.

Moderator: Andy Calkins - Executive Director, NGLC

Panelists/Participants: Dr. Shaun McAlmont - Executive Vice President of Career Readiness Education, K12; Ed Hidalgo - Chief Innovation & Engagement Officer, Cajon Valley Union School District; Eric Berngen - Education Program Manager, Corporate Citizenship, IBM; Brandon Shaffer - Executive Director of Legal and Governmental Affairs, Community Outreach, and P-TECH, St. Vrain Valley School District