K12 Program The Future is Now - High Quality Curriculum

All students deserve a learning experience that challenges them, feels relevant to them, ignites their curiosity, and prepares them for college, meaningful careers, and life. With high standards now in place across much of the country, leading education chiefs are taking a closer look at the instructional materials teachers and students use to ensure they are culturally relevant, rigorous, and deeply aligned to the standards. In addition to being a critical equity issue, emerging research indicates that expanding access to high-quality curriculum may be one of the most cost-effective interventions, the impact of which is greater when teachers are given the professional support to implement such curriculum with fidelity. Learn how bold, innovative leaders are tackling this challenge by incentivizing the use of high-quality, culturally relevant resources, leveraging teacher leadership, and focusing on professional development to accelerate student learning and advance equity in their states and districts.

Moderator: Mike Magee - CEO, Chiefs for Change

Panelists/Participants: Dr. David Steiner - Executive Director of the Institute for Education Policy, Johns Hopkins University; Kunjan Narechania - Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement, Louisiana Department of Education and Chief Executive Officer, Louisiana Recovery School District; David Hardy - CEO, Lorain City School District Rob Waldron - CEO, Curriculum Associates