Israel Innovation: Talent Strategies for Future-Fit Organizations

Future-Fit organizations make sure they have the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills. It is no longer possible to get there simply by hiring. Join this session to dive deeper into different talent discovery and acquisition strategies, amid the fast-changing world of work. Whatever the terms you use - upskilling, reskilling, training or maybe outsourcing to a flexible workforce - understanding the synergies between learning and earning, between talent and the workforce, is crucial for future-fit organizations and individuals. For organizations challenged with new technology and human resource transformation. For individuals understanding new opportunities to earn, learn, and improve work-life balance. Five different vantage points from Israeli visionaries, experts, and entrepreneurs.

Moderator: Yaki Dayan

Panelists: Jonathan Schor, Ofir Paldi, Nirit Cohen, Shahar Erez, Ami Moyal