Investing in Talent How Employers Are Driving Economic Mobility

As the economy approaches zero unemployment, labor market data paints a bleak picture for US employers. With so many companies attempting to fill roles at the same time, especially for middle skill occupations, the cost of hiring continues to grow while skill gaps present seemingly endemic barriers to competitiveness and growth. But companies continue to treat talent as a finite resource -- willing to invest in billions to recruit, but reluctant to invest in training for fear of competitors eager to poach away their newly upskilled employees. In this panel, learn from employers who are challenging this paradigm -- and demonstrating how investments in education can, as it turns out, both drive employee retention and accelerate career mobility.  From large public companies to regional workforce organizations, forward-thinking employers are tapping new models of training to bridge the gap between education and economic opportunity in the new skills economy.

Moderator: Jane Oates, President of WorkingNation


The Honorable Deval Patrick, Former Governor of Massachusetts and Managing Director, Bain Capital Double Impact

Frank Britt, CEO, Penn Foster

Cathi Canfield, VP of Associate Experience, EmployBridge

Zoe Weintraub, VP of Partnerships, Guild Education