HR Tech Entrepreneur Selling Secrets of the First Sale

You’ve created an awesome product. You know it. Your team knows it. That’s great and all but how do you get other people to believe that you’ve indeed created something awesome. The difficulty of the first sale can’t be understated. Chicken meet egg. It’s almost impossible to get your first customer. Look at it from their perspective, you’re an unknown. It might be awesome and it might be horrible. They don’t know you so why would they invest internal political capital, time, money and/or resources to help you validate your product. That first sale is like pushing a Volvo uphill. Some say the solution to this problem is by starting with pilots (paid or unpaid) or smaller rollouts (versus the entire company, etc).

Join this session and learn from the best minds in our industry on how they like to buy, what tends to work for them and/or people like them.  Let’s unlock the secrets of the first sale.

Moderator: William Tincup, President, Recruiting Daily


Adrienne Sullivan , Director, Talent Acquisition - Global Employer Brand Leader Thermo Fisher Scientific

Charlotte Marshall, Vice President, Digital/Social Media & Employer Brand, Magellan Health