GSV Virtual Summit Series #3

The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning

Welcome and Opening Presentation Michael Moe, Founder, GSV
Rob Pace, Founder and CEO, HundredX

The Future of Education as an Employee Benefit...A.D.

Ellie Bertani, Senior Director, Learning & Reskilling, Walmart US
David Blake, CEO, Learnin, Founder, Degreed
Rachel Romer Carlson, Co-Founder & CEO, Guild Education
Leighanne Levensaler, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Workday
Rick Shangraw, Managing Director, HighRize, Member, Board of Directors, InStride

Moderator:Michael Moe, Founder, GSV

The Future of Higher Education in a Post Coronavirus World—A.D.

Catharine (Cappy) Hill, Managing Director, Ithaka S+R, Former President, Vassar College, Senior Fellow, Yale University Board
Rick Levin, Senior Advisor, Coursera, Former President, Yale University
Carol Quillen, President, Davidson College
Michael Sorrell, President, Paul Quinn College

Moderator: Bill Sahlman, Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School, Author, New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur, Advisor, GSV Ventures

The Dawn of a New Era of American Independence: The Powerful Impact of #BlackLivesMatter on the Future

Two panels: Stepping Up in Solidarity: Leading White Allies Speak about the Required Leadership from Education, Corporate Employers, Public Company Boards, Government & Not for Profits to Enact Necessary Change AND Close to The Action: Insights from the #BLM Movement, the Civil Rights Movement & the Work of Education Transformation

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GSV Virtual Summit Series #10

Our Essential Service: Driving a National Digital Skills Agenda to Ensure Access & Equity in an A.D. Workforce & Chris Hoehn-Saric with Michael Moe

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National Education Leaders & Innovators Speak to a Future Where #BlackLivesMatter

Henry Hipps is joined by Dr. Howard Fuller, Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines, Phyllis Lockett, Dr. Michael Sorrell

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