GSV Virtual Summit Series #4

Redux, Redesign: The Future of “PreK to Gray” Digital Learning

Moderator: Michael Moe, Founder, GSV

Sara Allan, Deputy Director, U.S. Program, Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
John Katzman, CEO & Founder, Noodle Partners
Dan Rosensweig, CEO, Chegg, Inc.
Mitchell Stevens, Faculty Chair, Education Enterprise, Stanford Graduate School of Education

Fireside Chat Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School with Deborah Quazzo, Partner, GSV VenturesShaping

The Future of Digital Learning A.D. Through Politics & Policy

Moderator: Ben Wallerstein, CEO, Whiteboard Advisors


Lauren Maddox, Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight
Tony Miller, Former Deputy Secretary of Education; Board of Directors — ACT, Apollo Education Group, Criteria Corp, GoGuardian
Scott Pulsipher, President, Western Governors University; Member, American Workforce Policy Advisory Board
Liz Simon, Co-Chief Operating Officer, General Assembly

The Dawn of a New Era of American Independence: The Powerful Impact of #BlackLivesMatter on the Future

Two panels: Stepping Up in Solidarity: Leading White Allies Speak about the Required Leadership from Education, Corporate Employers, Public Company Boards, Government & Not for Profits to Enact Necessary Change AND Close to The Action: Insights from the #BLM Movement, the Civil Rights Movement & the Work of Education Transformation

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GSV Virtual Summit Series #10

Our Essential Service: Driving a National Digital Skills Agenda to Ensure Access & Equity in an A.D. Workforce & Chris Hoehn-Saric with Michael Moe

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National Education Leaders & Innovators Speak to a Future Where #BlackLivesMatter

Henry Hipps is joined by Dr. Howard Fuller, Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines, Phyllis Lockett, Dr. Michael Sorrell

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