The Dawn of a New Era of American Independence: The Powerful Impact of #BlackLivesMatter on the Future

Stepping Up in Solidarity: Leading White Allies Speak about the Required Leadership from Education, Corporate Employers, Public Company Boards, Government & Not for Profits to Enact Necessary Change

Carlos Watson, Co-Founder & CEO, OZY

Arne Duncan, Managing Partner, Emerson Collective; former U.S. Secretary of Education
Chip Paucek, Co-Founder & CEO, 2U, Inc.
Penny Pritzker, Founder & Chair, PSP Partners; Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Carol Quillen, President, Davidson College

Close to The Action: Insights from the #BLM Movement, the Civil Rights Movement & the Work of Education Transformation

Jeff Livingston, CEO, EdSolutions; Co-Founder, Center for Education Market Dynamics

Brandon Anderson, Founder & CEO,; 2019 TED Fellow
Anurima Bhargava, President, Anthem of Us; Former Chief, Educational Opportunities Section of the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice; Former Director of the Education Practice, NAACP Legal Defense Fund; Senior Advisor, Whiteboard Advisors
Sharhonda Bossier, Deputy Director, Education Leaders of Color
Ashley Munson, Legislative Affairs Manager, Illinois Network of Charter Schools; Chicago community organizer & activist

Thank you to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for supporting these two important discussions.