Fun and Games: Are Video Games Ready for Education Prime Time?

Gamification' has either become a dirty word in education technology, or become commoditised as a term through over-use, to the point of being completely disposable. But to dismiss the value of leveraging tried and tested engagement mechanisms from the gaming world to improve learning experiences, is to potentially miss a giant opportunity to increase access to education and improve the quality of experience in education writ large. In addition, in spite of challenges and failures in the space, there have been several notable success stories where millions of children (and adults) have engaged in games that can double as mass learning platforms (Minecraft), as well as evidence that even basic gamification concepts like progression rewards and league tabling can very effective in driving adoption of a variety of educational tools that may otherwise seem daunting. This panel will gather leaders and experts as well as young companies at the forefront of innovation, where we will discuss the unique opportunities challenges of gaming in education.

Moderator: Benoit Wirz


Lynn Fiellin, M.D.

DJ Moreau

Krishna Vedati

Alex Peters

Matthew Smalley