FoT@W Panel: Fundraising While Female: Women Entrepreneurs And VCs

There's some good news for women in the male-dominated entrepreneurial scene: startups with at least one woman at the helm outperform those led solely by men.

Despite this, companies founded by women receive just 7% of all VC funding. So how can women, especially women of color, get ahead? Listen in as women from both sides of the equation -- founders and funders -- share their successes, setback and secrets.

Moderator: Caroline Howard, Director, Editorial, Forbes

Panelists/Participants: Jennifer Carolan, Cofounder-General Partner, Reach Capital, Xiaohua Michelle Ching, Cofounder-CEO, Literator, Mariana Costa, Cofounder-CEO, Laboratoria, Iba Masood, Cofounder-CEO, TARA, Eileen Murphy, Founder-CEO, ThinkCERCA, Maia Sharpley, Partner,  Learn Capital, Sara Nadel, Founder-CEO, StellarEmploy