FoT@PreK-12 Panel: Are Robots Coming to the Classroom?

Educating kids in STEM, coding, and computational thinking is critical for providing access to the 21st century innovation economy, but many districts struggle to find ways to deeply engage their students in these areas.  Robotic toys that respond to instructions students provide through built-in scaffolded coding languages may be the solution to building that level of engagement. But are they truly accessible to classrooms?

This panel will examine the challenges and opportunities posed by educational robotics toys from a systems perspective, and explore how they may play a role in increasing equity and access to the innovation economy.

Moderator: Sujata Bhatt, Managing Partner of Innovation, Boston Public Schools

Panelists: Anglea Bao, Senior Investment Manager, Sinovation Ventures; Zivthan Dubrovsky, Co-Founder & CEO, Root Robotics; Vikas Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Wonder Workshop; Alex Klien, Co-Founder & CEO, Root Robotics; Krishna Vedati, CEO, Tynker