FoT@HigherEd Panel: Workforce Transition Innovations - Reimagining Career Services

Arizona State University (ASU) has reconceptualized its role in preparing graduates to transition into the workforce beyond the traditional work of a career services office. A group of leaders from the University will discuss how they have positioned themselves  at  the forefront of workforce transition innovations by leveraging industry collaboration, career support, entrepreneurship and academic partnerships. Topics to include:

Engaging industry partners at all levels of the university to stay current with employer needs

Empowering students and alumni with cutting edge technological tool

Expanding opportunities for students to participate in cross-disciplinary teams focused on solving complex problem

Responding to the growing population of non-traditional students seeking to enhance professional skills and earn postsecondary degrees

Moderator: Cindy Parnell, Executive Director, Career & Professional Development Services, Arizona State University

Panelists: Nicole Taylor, Deputy Vice President and Dean of Students, Arizona State University; Grace O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Partnerships, Arizona State University; Paul LePore, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University