Evolving Healthcare Pathways to Meet the Critical Need for Healthcare Providers

At a time when our country’s demand for healthcare workers has never been higher, an already constrained supply is reaching crisis levels. This demand for healthcare workers and the educators who prepare them has been on the rise and was only intensified by the pandemic. From medical assistants to pharmacy technicians across the frontlines to nurses and physicians, the need to have all healthcare providers working at their full scope has never been more important to fill the growing care need in private practice, pharmacies, hospitals and in the community. Across the nation, schools are experiencing educator shortages limiting the number of students who can enter programs, lack of externship opportunities and limited access to develop the needed skills to enter the professions resulting in a decreasing number of graduates to fill these essential roles. How can we help increase interest, empower those seeking these careers and support the changing face of healthcare as the need becomes more significant than many of us have experienced in our lifetime?