Ethical Implications of AI

Frida Polli (Pymetrics), Yair Shapira (Amplio), Ora Tanner (The AI Education Project), Sergey Karayev (New Venture), and Jason Palmer (New Markets Venture Partners) discuss Ethical Implications of AI at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Jason Palmer of New Markets Venture Partners leads this vitally important panel considering the ethical implications of AI. How are companies harnessing the great power of AI while keeping ethical boundaries intact? Frida Polli of Pymetrics discusses how she has made ethical AI the center of her company’s mission of matching people to the jobs where they are most likely to succeed. Sergey Karayev appears from Gradescope, a mainstay in the market that has made ethics a priority amidst its increasingly robust offerings. Hear from Ora Tanner of The AI Education Project, increasing access to AI for all and helping students take ownership of AI learning to impact their education. Finally, Yair Shapira of Amplio is here to show how AI and natural language processing can link students with special needs with advanced technologies, all within the boundaries of HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA requirements. Don’t miss this panel that is sure to challenge preconceptions of what is possible in the flourishing AI industry—while addressing the most up-to-the-minute ethical questions.

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